Vanlifer experiences in Hungary

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We bring you a selection of colorful stories, this time about the experiences of foreign vanlifers in Hungary.

We always say that traveling around the country in a stylish campervan is cool, now you can check this out through other lenses.

You can also find tips below the video on where to park your campervan if you are in the area. And you will also see different styles of campervans. All cool, and all different.


Van Journey: Van Life Europe Hungary After A Run In With Austrian Police

They came to Hungary from the north-western corner of the country, from Sopron.
Exploring a new country is always exciting, especially a great adventure with your rolling home as they do!


One of the most versatile and beautiful areas of the country is the Lake Balaton Highlands and the lake itself.
If you want to check the biggest lake in the region, we think it’s a good choice.
This campervan couple also got in the way:

Lisa Lansing: HELLO HUNGARY // Van Life Couple

And if you want to get a taste of Budapest’s hustle and bustle, they’ll show you around, and even show you their very stylish and beautiful campervan.
They really liked Budapest. Find out through their eyes, then come and experience it!

Sprintour: Vanlife mitten in BUDAPEST (Vanlife in the middle of BUDAPEST)

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