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What we are often asked...

You can find all the information in detail in the General Terms & Conditions, but we’ll also highlight some of the important things we know many of you ask.

The Christmas coupon is only valid for Duxy, Nitro and Tranzita! Duxy, Nitro and Tranzita equipment can be viewed in the "Rent" section of the website.

🌲 There are 3 + 1 types of gift vouchers to choose from:

  • 50.000 Ft, which comes with an extra 5% discount on the total rent.
  • 100.000 Ft, with an extra 10% discount on the total rent. 
  • 150.000 Ft, with an extra 15% discount on the total rent. 

+1 option: Gift voucher of your choice. Whatever amount you "put" on the gift voucher, this amount will be deducted from the total rent.

Reservations will be subject to availability.

The coupon can be used for the 2024 season. 

It's worth booking an appointment as soon as possible so that you can travel during this interval when you want.

We will send you the festive gift voucher in email, with the gifted name on it.

Contact us at for purchase details. Or contact us on Facebook or Instagram.

Merry Christmas! 😊🌲

The vans have almost exclusively a manual transmission.