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Our Story

In the winter of 2018, a few of us got together and bought a Fiat Ducati to build our dream caravan and explore the world. We started by stripping everything down to the body! Then our beautiful daughter, Luxy Duxy, became so successful that we got a brother, Foxy. Since then, Foxy has gone to new owners because the family was so enchanted with the vanlife lifestyle that they took her home. Three of our original team have already left because they started another love project. In the spirit of the sharing economy, Duxy is being rented out for others to enjoy. Duxy’s adventurous stories are shared on our Facebook and Instagram pages. What’s more! The family has grown again, today, you can meet Tranzita. With her, you can also experience the thrill of free travel.

You don’t have to check the time to book your accommodation or get up early to check out. We simply set off on a chosen itinerary and do what feels good!

We, campervan enthusiasts, like to be in touch with each other. To share practices, tips, routes, attractions, or just to tell each other our stories.

We like to get around the country in comfort. Our modern campervans have a captivating atmosphere, and we can even take some great photos along the way.

Escape the noise of the city where nothing bothers us. Only the chirping of crickets interrupting a dinner by a roaring fire next to the camper. These are the moments that make us love this kind of trip.


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