Need a little more campervan inspiration?

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Before you start the big campervan adventure or even the dream of having your own campervan, it’s worth thinking about what your needs are.

If you are planning to visit Central-Eastern Europe, do not hesitate to do this with a stylish campervan! Hire a campervan in Budapest and enjoy freedom, that’s why we love to travel this way! 😉

We want to help you make vanlife as enjoyable for you as it is for us.

🚐 Which van should you choose?
🛏️ What about sleep?
🏄 What programs do you have planned and what are the things you want to take with you?
🚍 How much time would you like to spend in a campervan?

Here is a selection of campervan travellers who have perfect vanlife experiences. Take inspiration from them too!

We love this campervan transformed from a Volkswagen Crafter, for example. Its owners don’t just travel in it, they’ve designed it to live in.
The campervan has a total length of 7.5 metres and this video is a great example of what you can get out of a van this size.
The campervan is packed with pull-down surfaces, hidden storage and even a full-length mirror and shoe cupboard.

Get to know them! ⬇️

Zoli and Kitti have been living and travelling in their campervan for 3 years, so you can get an insight into what longterm vanlifer life is like! ⬇️

"Tobozlife" Eszti and Ákos also travel the world in their self-built campervan:

And "Vikivandering" discovered vanlife through us, and then started building their own van. ✌️ We love this van, very stylish and cool!

Come to Hungary, and experience the joy of campervaning here too!
We have a range of campervans for you to try out, with lots of extras to choose.
Have you ever tried a SUP board? Rent one with the campervan and let’s have some memorable moments!

Get to know Duxy, Tranzita and iVAN, come and join us for inspiration and experience! Rent a campervan in Hungary and explore our beautiful nature!


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