A van that makes people smile 


This is the new VW ID Buzz.
First of all, everywhere we went, people stared at us. In several places, strangers came up to us and started talking to us, asking us questions or just wanting to tell us how cool it is! There are probably not many cars we could say at the moment that provoke such reactions from almost everyone who meets it. 🙂

Many people have already tested VW’s newest model, – for example: – so we decided to test it out to see if the Buzz works as a campervan. Does it bring back the feel of the T1 and T2?
We were able to do about a 600 km tour with it over the long weekend while we had the Buzz. During that time we did sleeping in the car, hiking, grilling, SUP riding.

Let's start with why we loved it, in addition to the experiences mentioned above.

-It’s a real pleasure to drive! It accelerates well, turns very well, is a quick car.

-Lots of usb-c charger.

-The seats fold flat for a very comfortable lying surface. It was nice to sleep in.

-The centre console is removable. The first reaction to this was ok, but why?! It’s not refrigerated, you can’t put a third seat in its place…then it turned out to make sense. If you take it out overnight and put it, by the footwell of the passenger seat, you can comfortably climb back and forth.

-The rear compartment has a raised floor under which you can pack under very well. In fact, they now make rail-mounted bins for the real camper experience. At first we were a bit sceptical about the amount of stuff, but when we loaded it up we realised that we could have fit twice as much…

-The space inside seems huge compared to its external dimensions, so the new Buzz is (also) very well designed in this aspect. The dynamic colour on the outside is also reflected on the inside, and there are lots of little details to calibrate. These are the things that really set it apart from the Transporter, and will make it a big favourite with those who love the style and can afford to buy one.

And then what we didn't like so much.

-Table recognition. It would be cool, but it’s pretty selective, in automatic mode it scared me when I misread the 40km/h limit on the motorway

-A lot of usb chargers, which all work fine on the go, but not otherwise. This is a huge disadvantage for campervan use. 

-Also, as a vanlifer, it would be nice to have an inverter, but it’s currently extra, and quite expensive.

-There were also software update issues during these few days – carplay and the car’s own IoS software sometimes clashed. 

-There are lots of storage compartments, but most of them are visible from the outside, no way to hide things (only in the doors). The other thing is that there are some plastic items that look a bit shoddy, not only in a car of this price range, but even in a lower price range.

-It’s very practical that the sliding doors open on both sides, so this would go more with the previous list, but from a campervan point of view it’s not so good, as you can’t build it in that way.
Although this is a very cool solution:


Overall, we have to say that this car is great fun.
How much of a point it makes is for everyone to decide. 🙂

In any case, after SUP riding, there was this car with the SUP board leaned against it and we felt more like we were in 70s California than on the shores of Lake Velence. 😎
You can also try this feeling, because you can rent the SUP board as an extra for several of our stylish campervans!

We’d be curious to see the 7-seat version (not available yet), and could easily see one of these in our fleet.
The question would be, is it worth the feeling to compete with campervans with up to 5-6 passenger bathroom and toilet?

What do you think?


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